Just in Time Service

Zoom in on Assets, Parts and People

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Device Downtime
Service Parts Plan

eKryp predicts demand and product returns.  It helps provide insight into your products.

eKryp predicts future parts needs based on past parts replacement and demand trends

(Service Ops)

eKryp provides deep insights into future failure trend and device failure trends to increase Uptime

​By waiting for and then reacting to failure, traditional field service is known to be expensive and unpredictable creating customer satisfaction issues with unexpected expenses for an organization. By accurately zooming in on assets, parts and people that need attention, service costs can be reduced by over 30% and parts by at least 15%, making service process proactive.

eKryp, an Intelligent Service AI solution delivered as SaaS provides predictive insights by continuously learning from your enterprise service and customer success data. 

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Supply and Demand Insight

eKryp helps zoom in on assets and people  to reduce Service Operations cost so your margin on service increases.