Anaplan – Galileo

$1 Trillion spent per year on existing assets in the US alone*

To save money, new products-as-a-service business models are emerging

Traditional product field service methods are out of date

  • Do not take advantage of the data modern devices record
  • Cannot consistently provide an early warning for a device problem which results in unnecessary downtime

Prescriptive field service intelligence takes advantage of the data modern devices record

  • Optimizes Services Supply Chain based on customer usage patters and future trends
  • Provides an early warning of an impending problem by using prediction models
  • Gains more accurate P&L impact based on future part demand prediction

Difference between traditional and prescriptive service methods in predicting parts needed

Galileo - Integrated Predictive Model

Machine Learning

Machine Learning model used to predict Service Request, Service type, usage, incidents, error patterns, and other attributes of each of your devices

Connected Planning

Planning views, Dashboards, and planning method to perform end to end service planning 


Galileo Results

12% inventory reduction
25% reduction in multiple dispatches
32% reduction in unscheduled downtime

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*Winning in the Aftermarket by HBR